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Lifesize cougar - 21"H x 56"L x 36"D
-Edition - 12 This bronze located at the Bear Creek Lodge, Victor, MT

Site-specific mounting - adjusted while in wax form to your boulder, pedestal or rockwork; then cast in bronze and mounted. (click picture for larger image)

Nez Perce Warrior on his Appaloosa (click for larger image)
Blackfeet Warrior
Blackfeet Warrior

14"H x 13"L x 4"D
Edition 50 (nearly sold out)
on Green Marble & Walnut Base

The Appaloosa was developed by the Nez Perce when they started breeding for a larger horse than the mustangs they first rode. These high plateau tribes needed a horse with strength, stamina and endurance to get to the plains for hunting and trading with tribes east and west of their home grounds.

"Blackfeet Warrior"

16"H x 13"W x 13"D
Edition - 25
on Walnut Base
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"The Lesson"

A Pawnee Warrior training his Nephew
12"H x 11"W x 11"D
Edition - 50
on Marble & Walnut Base
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"Good Medicine"

A Pre-Horse Crow Medicine Dancer
12"H x 9"W x 5"D
Edition - 50
on Marble & Walnut Base
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Often animals have companions of different species as this frolicking Appaloosa and Queensland Blue Heeler can attest. Since horses are herding animals, their owners will provide a companion animal....donkey, goat, llama...rather than another horse. They become their new "herd" and have a calming influence on their horse pals.

12" x 15" x 5" on 1.5" Walnut Base
Edition - 50

appaloosa, Queensland Heeler
"Old Friends"

"Pawnee Warrior"

The name Pawnee comes from the term pariki, which means "horn," and refers to the typical hair style.Their hair was plucked or shaved with sharp knives and the middle strip was greased to stand up. Their language is part of a larger group of languages called the Caddoan. Other Caddoans called them the Awahi. One name they give themselves is Ckirhki Kuruuriki, which means "We look like wolves" or Chahiksichahiks, "men of men" .

They differed significantly in their mode of life from the classic Plains cultural type, such as that of the Arapaho, Cheyenne or Sioux. ThePawnee were a settled, agricultural people, occupying large, relatively permanent villages made up of earth lodges.

Size: 18"H x 11"W x 8"D

Edition: 25

Cape Buffalo
"Black Death" - Cape Buffalo
"Black Death"

Cape Buffalo are considered to be the most dangerous of the Big 5 game animals in Africa. In his novel, “Black Death”, Robert Ruark said the look of a Cape Buffalo says, “You owe me money!”. The hide on a bull’s neck is up to 2 inches thick, which makes them almost impervious to any lion attack. They are known to kill lion cubs as a preventative measure. They are terrifically unforgiving and will seek out and ambush anyone who hurts them. They’re 4 times stronger than an ox and more agile. Hunters are very wary of them as they have killed or injured more hunters than any other animal.

 13" x 15" x 5"   Edition: 30